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Top family villa

Inviting Family

This villa adjacent to the Heathcote river had been extensively renovated but featured an uninviting, straight concrete entrance path, through a sloping unused lawn.

These clients were keen to create an interesting entrance to the house, which led visitors through a planting scheme showcasing planting/colour highlights in all seasons.

The narrow concrete path was replaced with a curving boardwalk which gives an air of mystery and intrigue. The lawn was replaced with a low maintenance planting scheme, which has a completely different look in each season.

The planting scheme is at its most vibrant in winter with Leucadendrons, Libertia ,and Dogwoods providing intense winter colour. Clever spacing of perennials like Verbena bonsarensis and Sedumn Autumn Joy also allow views of the garden to be enjoyed from inside the house.



Welcoming entrance with intrigue & seasonal planting highlights




March 2015

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