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Inspirations of the Landscape Architect

Updated: 7 days ago

The subtle art of Forest Bathing, AKA 'Going Bush'...

Forest bathing - landscape designer inspirations
Going bush

We've long known the benefits of being at one with nature and spending time in the great outdoors. Perhaps this is why, for so many of us... the humble garden is like an old friend, always there when we need them most. A place to relax and unwind, or perhaps somewhere to escape from the hustle and bustle of life.

With mental well being becoming increasingly more fragile in our society, more than ever we need to prioritse self-care and re connection. Not only with loved ones and ourselves, but also with nature itself.

We were intrigued to hear about the well being pursuits of our Green Therapy design guru Bex... who is inspired by the art of 'forest bathing'.

Q) Bex, tell us about how nature inspires you...

"Some may think it's us versus nature, whereas I have a very different approach. I like to laze in the breeze of a warm summer's day. Take in the sweet perfume of spring and soak up the bird song, echoing among the trees. For me, living on the outside, prepares me for life within".

Q) How does this mantra connect with your work life?

"In fact it is my connection with outside, that so helpfully brought me to my career today. We often forget the power of the humble backyard, it is therefore our job to show you it can be so much more. Maybe we need to find that connection, or perhaps it's just a case of bringing back the outdoor bubble bath!"

We often forget the power of the humble backyard.”

So go on... go bush! Breath in the fresh air, listen to the birds and re connect with your own backyard escape, so you too can live more outwardly!

Words by:

Bex Jenkinson - Landscape Architect

Interviewed by:

Charlotte Cook - Creative director

Green Therapy

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